Artificial Intelligence and the Supreme Court of Brazil – Beauty or a Beast?

The Supreme Court of Brazil has implemented an advanced artificial intelligence system called VICTOR in an attempt to tackle its backlog, but is it a beauty or a beast? Judge Isabela Ferari and Lawyer Daniel Becker share their thoughts in this interesting thought piece. The Supreme Court based in Brasilia receives 50,000 petitions a year and this technology is reducing the initial analysis time of petitioned cases from 40 minutes to a few seconds. The pros and cons of this are discussed in this article which we hope will spark a healthy discussion around the ethical and practical uses of Artificial Intelligence in justice systems around the world.


Brazil has been a member of SIFoCC since 2019. This thought piece reflects the views of the two named individuals and not those of SIFoCC or the Supreme Court of Brazil.


  • Judge Isabela Ferrari is a Brazilian Federal Judge and PhD candidate (UERJ). She is a visiting Researcher (Harvard Law) and an advisor at The Future Society. Judge Isabela is also the Academic Coordinator of the New Law Institute.
  • Daniel Becker is a Dispute Resolution Lawyer and partner of Lima Feigelson. He is the Director of New Technologies of the Brazilian Centre for Mediation and Arbitration (CBMA) and a Professor of the New Law Institute.