Commercial courts in Bahrain cover two levels. The first instance is divided into lower and higher courts, with lower courts having jurisdiction in cases with a value of under 5000BDS. (eq. £10,000) and higher over 5000BDS. The Bahraini Chamber of Dispute resolution (BCDR) is a unique mechanism that combines both an arbitration center and a specialized banking and international trade court ,with one member of the panel a specialist in the field of the dispute rather than a judge. Its jurisdiction is 500,000BDS (£1million) and either disputes relating to international trade – which means one party is not Bahraini – or one of the parties are licensed by Bahrain Central Bank which covers banks, insurance companies and stockbrokers as well as any financially-related entities. The judgments of this court go directly to the Court of Cassation, which is Bahrain’s Supreme Court.

Another specialist commercial court is for property leasing disputes with an engineer as part of the panel. This specialist court was created as the leasing sector, both residential and commercial, is a thriving and important business sector in Bahrain. Disputes relating to this court can only be reviewed in the higher court.

There is a commercial stream in the Court of Appeal, and in the next judicial year there will be a commercial stream in the Court of Cassation and a specialist enforcement court.