The Commercial Chamber

The Commercial chamber was founded in 2021. It is a part of the first instant court of Amman, and the procedures in the Chamber of Commerce depend on the principle of speed and complete justice.

There are five sitting judges address all cases related to trade and commerce, insurance (cases filed by the insurance companies against those causing the damage), banking and financial services, markets and exchanges, and commercial papers within the value up to 10000 JD.

Additionally, the first instant court of Amman has another commercial chamber that called (the economic chamber) where four Judges sit and undertake work in some of the same areas as the Commercial Court, in addition to particular responsibilities in intellectual property ,unfair competition, insolvency, bankruptcy , liquidation and competition, construction cases within the value up to 100000JD.

The Commercial chamber has recently begun to follow an archiving system. As an initial stage, there is no simultaneous archiving of records due to the lack of capabilities. However, the file is archived when the case is initially registered. The file is also fully archived after the issuance of the final decision. And while the case is being considered, it is archived in the event that any request related to the case is submitted by citizens or lawyers.