Virtual meeting of the SIFoCC Judicial Observation Programme

Judges from eight different countries, across six different time zones met on Microsoft Teams last week for a live event on the SIFoCC Judicial Observation Programme to share experiences and discuss work streams including the SIFoCC Case Management Best Practice Presumptions and the SIFoCC Covid Memorandum.   The SIFoCC Judicial Observation Programme started in London […]

Artificial Intelligence and the Supreme Court of Brazil – Beauty or a Beast?

The Supreme Court of Brazil has implemented an advanced artificial intelligence system called VICTOR in an attempt to tackle its backlog, but is it a beauty or a beast? Judge Isabela Ferari and Lawyer Daniel Becker share their thoughts in this interesting thought piece. The Supreme Court based in Brasilia receives 50,000 petitions a year […]

In recognition of time in post of the Hon Chief Justice Bart Katureebe

  On the 20th June 2020 the HON. BART MAGUNDA KATUREEBE will step down as Chief Justice of Uganda. After five years of devoted service to this role we wish to celebrate his contribution to the rule of law. The Hon Bart Katureebe is an accomplished leader who has served in the Government of Uganda […]

Delivering justice during the Covid-19 pandemic and the future use of technology

We are delighted to share with you the SIFoCC Memorandum and Annex A on ‘Delivering justice during the Covid-19 pandemic and the future use of technology’.   These documents detail the way courts from across the world are responding to the COVID 19 pandemic and is a collaborative effort of the SIFoCC membership. They provide […]

The New Litigation Landscape: International Commercial Courts and Procedural Innovations

The establishment of new “ international commercial courts ” over the past few years has been a major development, which brings a new perspective to the adjudication of international commercial disputes. These courts join other specialist courts in a number of countries which are established to try commercial cases. In his recent article The New […]

Artificial Intelligence and Legal- Decision Making: The Wide Open?

Prof Maxi Scherer’s article “Artificial Intelligence and Legal Decision-Making – The Wide Open” provides an insight into the use of AI in the context of arbitral and judicial decision making. The article examines the use of different methodologies in predicting decisions before going on to explore the issues around data and AI. The insight is […]

Postponement of the 3rd meeting of SIFoCC

There has been close discussion and consideration of the information and advice available in Singapore on COVID-19. The implications of the travel restrictions, imposed health regulations and the potential risk to attendees has been measured. The reluctant conclusion reached is that the meeting, due to be held in Singapore on 12-13 March 2020 has to […]

Getting to know our membership

  As part of our “Getting to know our membership” series, Lord John Thomas and Mr Justice Robin Knowles share their perspectives on commercial dispute resolution from the Business and Property Courts in London. The first meeting of SIFoCC was held in London in May 2017 and both judges are members of the SIFoCC Steering […]

Multilateral Memorandum on Enforcement

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first edition of the SIFoCC Multilateral Memorandum on Enforcement of Commercial Judgments for Money. The Memorandum sets out an account of the procedures for the enforcement of judgments of one jurisdiction in the courts of another. It concerns commercial judgments requiring a person to pay a […]