SIFoCC Resources

Report of the first SIFoCC meeting 

Details and findings of the inagrual meeting of the SIFoCC memebership which took place 4-5 May 2017 in London.

Report of the second SIFoCC meeting

Details and findings of the second meeting of the SIFoCC membership which took place 27-28 Septmeber in New York.

Multilateral Memorandum on Enforcement Nov 2019

The first edition of the SIFoCC Multilateral Memorandum on Enforcement of Commercial Judgments for Money was published in summer 2019. In this, around 30 jurisdictions describe to each other how an overseas commercial judgment for money may most simply and practically be enforced in their jurisdiction.

Publications relavent to the SIFoCC membership

Artificial Intelligence and Legal Decision-Making – The Wide Open – Maxi Scherer (041119)

Prof Maxi Scherer’s article “Artificial Intelligence and Legal Decision-Making – The Wide Open?” provides an insight into the use of AI in the context of arbitral and judicial decision making. The article examines the use of different methodologies in predicting decisions before going on to explore the issues around data and AI. (16 March 2020)