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Report of the third SIFoCC meeting

Details and findings of the second meeting of the SIFoCC membership which took place 11-12 March 2021 hosted by Singapore.

Report of the second SIFoCC meeting

Details and findings of the second meeting of the SIFoCC membership which took place 27-28 September 2018 in New York.

Report of the first SIFoCC meeting 

Details and findings of the inaugural meeting of the SIFoCC membership which took place 4-5 May 2017 in London.



SIFoCC Memorandum on Enforcement 2nd – With International Working Group Commentary

The first edition of the SIFoCC Multilateral Memorandum on Enforcement of Commercial Judgments for Money was published in summer 2019. In it, Commercial Courts outline the way in which the judgment of one jurisdiction can be enforced in another.  The revised 2nd edition, published in April 2021, contains new entries from Brazil, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, South Korea and a commentary produced by an International Working Group that distills the common themes.


SIFoCC Presumptions of Best Practice in Case Management

The product of SIFoCC’s first international working group provides a succinct approach to what constitutes best practice in Case Management. Individual courts can use this to develop more particular approaches, rules or practice notes suitable for their individual requirements, situations, legislative contexts and circumstances.


SIFoCC Covid-19 Memorandum and SIFoCC Covid-19 Annex A  

These documents detail the way courts from across the world are responding to the COVID 19 pandemic and is a collaborative effort of the SIFoCC membership. They provide a concise snap shot of the different ways in which justice systems have adapted in the current circumstances, and the future implications.  May 2020


Second SIFoCC COVID-19 Memorandum March 2021

The Memorandum looks beyond the pandemic, to arrangements using technology that we might keep for the future because they improve justice. Like the First Memorandum, it has the benefit of contributions from across the global membership of SIFoCC.


Materials from the 3rd full meeting of SIFoCC 11-12 March 2021


Publications relevant to the SIFoCC membership


Artificial Intelligence and Legal Decision-Making – The Wide Open?

Prof Maxi Scherer’s article “Artificial Intelligence and Legal Decision-Making – The Wide Open?” provides an insight into the use of AI in the context of arbitral and judicial decision making. The article examines the use of different methodologies in predicting decisions before going on to explore the issues around data and AI. (16 March 2020)

The New Litigation Landscape – International Commercial Courts and Procedural Innovations

In this article, Sir William Blair considers why new International Commercial Court around the world have been created, and the rationale for specialist commercial jurisdictions.  He discusses procedural innovations, the impact of technology, enforcement, and the part played by SIFoCC. (6 April 2020)

Victor – Beauty or the Beast

Judge Isabela Ferari and Lawyer Daniel Becker share their thoughts in this interesting thought piece on the way in which the Supreme Court of Brazil is using AI to reduce the initial analysis time of petitioned cases from 40 minutes to a few seconds. The pros and cons of this are discussed, sparking a healthy discussion around the ethical and practical uses of Artificial Intelligence in justice systems around the world. (22 June 2020)

COVID-19 Insurance Coverage Trillions of dollars at stake?

Trillions of dollars potentially are at stake over insurance coverage claims for Covid-19 business interruption losses and civil authority business closures. This article from April 2020 looks solely at cases and proposed legislation in the United States addressing those issues.

The Role of Commercial Courts in the Management of Complex Disputes