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About SIFoCC

The Standing International Forum of Commerical Courts (SIFoCC) brings together the world’s commercial courts.

SIFoCC exists for three reasons:

1. Users – that is, business and markets – will be better served if best practice is shared between courts and judiciaries work together to keep pace with rapid commercial change. 

2. Together courts can make a stronger contribution to the rule of law than they can separately, and through that contribute to stability and prosperity worldwide. 

3. As a means of supporting developing jurisdictions (long encouraged by agencies such as the World Bank) to enhance their attractiveness to investors by offering an effective means for resolving commercial disputes.

Work of SIFoCC

Find out more about the work of SIFoCC, the important contributions it makes to international commercial law and how it facilitates resolution of transnational disputes.


Find out more about the benefits of SIFoCC and why such an organisation is necessary.

History of SIFoCC

SIFoCC was founded in 2017 to enable judiciaries worldwide to share best practices and discuss subjects of mutual interest. Find out more about SIFoCC’s history.

SIFoCC Governance and Organisation

Find out more about how SIFoCC is led and instructed by an international Steering Group made up of eight jurisdictions. Judge with day to day. And the SIFoCC secretariat.